Springtime is Downsizing Season

Springtime is Downsizing Season

No matter where you or a loved one are on the downsizing journey – or “rightsizing” as it’s becoming known – a little at a time goes a LONG way! 

Repeat after me… It’s never too early to start planning! The first step? Consider where you are now and where you might like to be. Maybe moving from a 3 or 4-bedroom home to a smaller single family home, apartment, condo, assisted living or independent living – in the next few months or even three years from now.


Envision your new, simpler lifestyle and space. Fewer bedrooms and bathrooms equals fewer sheets, blankets, towels and other linens. You may no longer need that treadmill and workout gear if your new apartment complex has an exercise room. Will meals be provided where you’re moving? Pare down kitchenware, appliances and entertaining items. Is lawn and landscape care included? Think about your mower, gardening tools and other household maintenance equipment. Retiring soon? Perhaps you’ll want more casual clothes and can pass along the business attire. You get the idea!


Make a plan to go through your belongings – once a week, twice a week or once a month? Put it on your calendar just like an appointment. You can start small (a drawer) or big (an attic). The most important thing is to start somewhere! Work in segments of a few hours or less. Going through years’ worth of memories and items can be physically and emotionally tiring.

Divide things into categories: SELL, DONATE, TRASH or GOES SOMEWHERE ELSE. You’ll want boxes, laundry baskets or plastic totes for this job. It’s to your benefit to make reasonable decisions. Seriously ask yourself if you truly LOVE it or NEED it. Keep your goal in mind of moving to a smaller space and simpler lifestyle!

Haven’t used that extra set of dishes in the past year – someone else would be thrilled to have them! 


Lots of options – even a combination of these can help:

  • Donation: Any number of local charities would LOVE your cast-offs. Find one that offers pick-up or a convenient drop-off location. If needed, ask for a donation receipt.
  • Sell: Online sites like VarageSale or a community resale Facebook group. A garage or estate sale – then have a plan for anything that’s leftover. Consignment is ideal for women’s clothing and accessories, plus furniture and home decor.
  • Re-gift: Has someone admired a particular item? Ask if they might like it!
  • Trash: If it’s broken beyond repair or completely worn out, go ahead and trash or recycle. Many items can go in the regular trash pick-up, just ask your provider.


Our homes encompass a lifetime of treasures and memories. Find ways to honor the attachment to an item, then pass it along if you don’t love or use it. It will feel so good to make these decisions, a little along the way!

For more information about downsizing your stuff, visit http://www.stayorganizedwithus.com. Another great resource is the AARP book, Downsizing The Family Home: What to Save, What to Let Go, by Marni Jameson.

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